Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Post 577 : Book 10 – Milan Kundera, Identity


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This is my second book by Milan Kundera, the first being Immortality. Why do I like him? He is dark and real without being Kafkanesque. His darkness comes from the mirror he holds to our (my) everyday life.

Why should I read/be reminded of our doomedness? Its a choice. Always (not sometimes) the mirror is held up to show you a part, but you end up seeing the whole, much more than the author wanted you to see.

He is difficult to read, but very insightful and the images haunt you, a la Rohington Mistry.

Its a simple book about a couple in love who are struggling with their everyday (&  philosophical) differences.

It is less prose, more poetic. Small book, 145 pages, difficult to rush through it, because its easy to lose the plot.

Overall – I would rate this 9/10, which means I loved the book.

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