Sunday, March 22, 2009

Post 570 : Passages 51 : Milan Kundera, Identity : Ambition and the lack of it

Milan Kundera, Identity, Pg 79

‘It’s not a setback to give up your studies, what I gave up at that moment was ambition. I was suddenly a man without ambition. And having lost my ambition, I suddenly found myself at the margin of the world. And, what was worse : I had no desire to be anywhere else. I had all the less desire given that there was no real threat of hardship. But if you have no ambition, if you’re not avid to succeed, to gain recognition, you’re setting yourself up on the verge of ruin. True, I set myself up there in comfortable conditions. But still, it’s the verge of ruin I’m set up on. So its’ no exaggeration to say that I belong with that beggar and not with the owner of this magnificent restaurant where I’m having such a grand time.’

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