Sunday, March 22, 2009

Post 566 : Arindam Chaudhuri’s IIPM exposed

Update : 4th April 2009 Gaurav dropped me a note disavowing
Mea Culpa!!
I stand corrected!!


Refer to my earlier post on Arindam Chaudhari.

I am still not sure whether any of the malign that is out there against him or IIPM is true, and I willing to give him the benefit of a good defense.

Inspite of my open approach to this topic, could not help but be a bit biased after reading (earlier attributed to Gaurav Sabnis’ I stand corrected)

If any of what he says out there is true, we are dealing with a problem.

My own experience with this though, teaches me, that there can’t be a smoke without fire, but even a small cigarette butt can generate smoke, it does not always have to be a forest fire. (I am just trying to give the IIPM guys a fair chance).

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1 comment:

Gaurav said...

Correction. The iipmexposed blog is not mine. It was started by a person claiming to be an ex-IIPM student. I have nothing to do with it. My IIPM-related posts were on my own blog -