Sunday, March 22, 2009

Post 563 : Passages 47 : Milan Kundera, Identity – Crematory Fire

Milan Kundera, Identity, Pg. 52

“The crematory fire is leaving me its visiting card.”

On the same page at a different point

“The crematory fire is the only way not to leave our body to their mercy".

On Pg. 54

‘And do you know the story about Haydn’s head? They cut it away from the still-warm cadaver so some insane scientist could take apart the brain and pinpoint the location of musical genius. And the Einstein Story?  He’d carefully written his will with instructions to cremate him. They followed his orders, but his disciple, ever loyal and devoted, refused to live without the master’s gaze on him. Before the cremation, he took the eyes of the cadaver and put them in a bottle of alcohol to keep them watching him until the moment he should die himself. That’s why I said that the crematory fire is the only way our bodies can escape them. It’s the only absolute death. And I don’t want any other. Jean-Marc, I want an absolute death.’


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