Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Post 557 : A mourning poem for Bajaur

Picked this up from  http://www.razarumi.com/, translated by Asif Farrukhi, written by Kishwar Naheed. I liked it a lot, think it is relevant for any modern city in these times.

Coffins have become so numerous
That the city is shrinking
The eye is oozing
And not even a word of association

Like an open wound
On the lips.
The sky looks over everything
And remains silent.

Why does it go on believing
That mankind will awake once again
From its deep slumber
And laughter will ring again
On the threshold of houses.

No, it was not yesterday
But many years ago,
We held hope with our hands
We sat in the shadow of wide-awake walls And used to think:
Yellow-gold wheat smiles and laughs
In our court-yards

We have the same court-yards, the same threshers
But bullets jump through them,
Riddle holes in my fields and in the bodies of my children
With my tear-soaked pillow I sit in the court-yard, watching
Coffins have become so numerous
That the city is shrinking.

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