Monday, March 02, 2009

Post 545 : Buddha’s precepts


Am re-reading Philip Kapleau’s “The Zen of Living and Dying”.  Its a book all about death, and how it needs to be looked as part of a natural process (did we not all already know that :-)

Its definitely one of my fav books. On pg. 170, it lists the 9 precepts of Buddha. According to this version, the 9 read as

1. not to kill but to cherish all life;
2. not to take what is not given but to respect the thing of others;
3. not to misuse sexuality but to be caring and responsible;
4. not to lie but to speak the truth;
5. not to cause others to use substances that confuse the mind, nor to do so oneself, but to keep the mind clear;
6. not to speak about the shortcomings of others but to be sympathetic   and understanding;
7.  not to praise oneself and condemn others but to overcome one’s own shortcomings;
8. not to withhold spiritual or material aid, but to give it freely where needed;
9. not to indulge in anger but to exercise forbearance.

(* the lack of capitalisation and semi-colons are verbatim, thats how they appear in the book).

Simple enough, right…not one of them seems out of place and yet….I break each of these rules multiple times everyday.

On a day like today (with the luxury of a slightly clear mind), I wonder, how far away have I driven off road?

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