Monday, March 02, 2009

Post 542 : Markets on a free fall…

Every experience adds up. I am usually quite non-reactive to changes in the world around me, try to be as inert as possible.

Then there are days like today…I work in the markets (stock, I mean), all my savings are in this market, infact thats all that I have, I could lose my job anytime (I work in the x-zone at this point)….

I am a bit spooked. Markets falling 3 % in a day are becoming common place. Rupee has moved 28% to the dollar in the past 6-8 months. Gold is at an all time high.

My wife, my parents…and a whole host of other close ones trust me to be good with the markets.

I look at my own performance in retrospect and cross my heart, I am not very sure, they are correct. My portflolio is down almost 80% from its high, versus a 60% for the sensex and about 50% on an average for most funds.

My(ir)rational side (depends on your perspective) tells me to hang in there, we will get through this trough. I know in my gut we will. Speaking of which, its my gut that lost me 80% of the stock value.

Will I live to tell?

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