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Post 541 : Perfect kaapi (coffee) as per my mom…

My mom makes the most perfect south Indian coffee in the world…and yes, I mean it. She says she learnt it from her mom…, but thats another story.

How difficult can coffee be? It just has milk (and water for some) + sugar + coffee. And yet, like the Japanese Sado, the Tea Ceremony….its in the simple that perfection eludes (and exudes for some others).

Her “secret” recipe (very similar to the secret ingredient soup from Kung Fu Panda) is :

1. Get nice fresh ground coffee. No instant shortcuts here. Preferably one with chicory (if you want taste, fuck the raste (rest)).
2. Let it drip in the coffee filter for about an hour.
3. The filtered brew will be cold (at room temperature).
4. Take milk and set it to boil (add water if needed).
5. Take an empty vessel and set it to heat (dry). Heat till fumes come out.
6. Take about 25% coffee (3 parts milk, 1 part coffee filter) brew.
7. Pour it on this heated vessel, it will sizzle just like a sizzler.
8. Let it sizzle for a few seconds, and then proceed to aerate it. (Take a steel tumbler and pour the coffee from height into it, and back into the heated vessel, repeat until coffee is nice and fluffy.) . I wish “Douglas Adams – Meaning of Liffe” had a word for this one. :-)
9. Finally take the coffee into a nice steel cup. It will be frothy and airy. Add no more than 1/2 spoon of sugar per cup. No self respecting south Indian drinks coffee in anything but a steel cup with more sugar than that.
10. Take the milk which will be hot by now and add it on top of the coffee. Aerate the mixture. (Same process).
11. Ready to serve.

Aeration of the coffee - Stole these images from Arun Shanbag’s site. Hope he does not mind. (Apologize brother, in case you really mind it….If you “mind it”, are you connected to Rajni :-).



I know this recipe for years, and yet I have never managed to make that single elusive cup the way Amma makes it.

Here is one to Amma and her Kaapi.

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Viji said...

Come on over lad the dikaashan is brewed and the milk boiling - Amma