Saturday, February 07, 2009

Post 534 : Introspection and a few random thoughts

Death makes you introspect. You look at life with a complete new set of (temporary....they will abrade away with time) filters.

I cannot help but tell myself....
1. Live is short, sweet and a see-saw. The more we make of it, the more it becomes.
2. Hug people you love at every chance. There might never be a next time.
3. Make a sincere effort to be on the good side of karma, and try and add a little value to people you love and care. (e.g. If you dad loves a smoke, and if his health allows it, go share a drag with him. That image will be with you all your life).
4. Shower gifts, love and surprises on the world around you. There is joy and good karma in giving. I sincerely believe, if you give, you will get.
5. Respect the old and frail souls. They are special, they are beqeuathing this world to you.
6. Respect strangers. No use screaming at the watchman or security old man in any shape is a chacha and a young woman in any shape is a sister. Respec them.
7. Give way. Don't hurry in traffic, in queues, in supermarkets and other spots. Give up on your position, it is good karma.
8. Dont procastinate. The Leh trip you always needed to go to, do it now, rather than next year. Living a deferred existence is the worse life you can live.
9. Enjoy what you enjoy. If a good car is what you want, go for it, dont save for retirement, that might never be an option.

Live today and be happy. Make others happy. Give as much as you can to others (both know and unknown).

Life is precious, treat it with due respect.

So much so for my drawing room preaching, till my temporary lens filter wanes off and the dog eat dog world beckons me back !! Till then....

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