Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Post 525 : The chips are down...

Stocks are hammered. The only real people I have respected for their stock opinions (about India that is), Jim Rogers and Shankar Sharma both seem to believe this is going to be the mother of all bear markets. It does not help that these are perennial bears.

My portfolio has been slaugthered. Learnt quite a few (more) lessons along the way.

The good part is, I am finding unbelievable bargains in the market. Hope to make it big once the mother of bear markets is over (hopefully by 2012).

My current favorite stocks include...
Titan - fundamentally strong franchise and trust. (CMP 800, like it below 900)
Gitanjali - They have some phenomenal brands. My only nagging worry is Mehul Choksi does not turn out to be a Raju. (CMP 46, like it below 90)
Natco Pharma - good pipeline of CRAM orders and some good generic portfolio (CMP 46, like it below 70)
BGR Energy Systems - looks poised to ride the downturn, inspite of the power sector going through tough times. (CMP 145 like it below 180)
Firstsource - a good BPO. I hope they last out this downturn (CMP 12, like it below 20)
Religare - smartest guys in the room - sitting with 5-6bn USD cash and a extremely organised and thriving I-banking and brokerage business. (CMP 320, like it below 400)
Pantaloon Retail - great brands (CMP 160, like it below 240)
Asian Paints - old warhouse, not a multi-bagger but a steady 20% growth per year. (CMP 750 like it below 800)
Tata Chemicals - monopoly in caustic soda (CMP 150, like it below 180)
Monsanto India - one of my old favs. ....I hate the company on ethical grounds (GM foods) but think its a great 20-30% year stock. (CMP 1300, like it below 1400)
Entertainment Network - BCCL company. Great OOH franchise. (CMP 130, like it below 200)
Glenmark Pharma - One of the best runs pharma mid caps (CMP 120, like it below 240)
Moser Baer - I goto planetm and all I see is Moser Baer CDs and someone is almost always buying them. Something must be right, but its not reflected in the stock price though. (CMP 61, like it below 200)
3i Infotech - a good IT mid-cap with gauranteed revenues from one of the biggest banks in Asia.
Tata Investment - strong book value, high dividend yeild and finally a TATA company. (CMP 35, like it below 50)
Infosys Technologies - I wont comment on them, they are beyond that now. (CMP 1300, like it below 1500)
Subex - A great telecom product franchise. Subash Menon is a good leader. (CMP 25, like it below 50)
Sintex - Moulded plastics and textiles. (CMP 130, like it below 200)
Mount everest mineral water - makers of the great "himalaya" brand water. Now a Tata company. (CMP 60, like it below 140)
Indage Vinters - Grover Vineyard at nashik. makers of chantilli. (CMP 80, like it below 140)
Indian Hotels - The iconic taj and ginger. (CMP 40, like it below 70)
Kamat Hotels - Orchid, VITS and the Vithal Kamat gang. (CMP 35, like it below 50)
Geometric - Niche software services. Manu Parpia run...(CMP 18, like it below 40)

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