Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Post 522 : God is in the destiny

I find the habit of starting to pray and do(yagnas) and all other mumbo-jumbo before a big (personal) event, very perplexing. (whether that be for getting a Visa or for Sachin scoring a century or for getting a promotion or for someone's health....)

My theories around these are as obscure and gothic as well....

In my rotund theory - you are part of this gigantic maze. A game where every move can potentially upset others in the game. I also feel there is a web of interconnectedness that moves us. I for one is a strong believer in us being a large gigantic social organism (just like our body is composed of several trillion indepdent living cells. A small cell somewhere forming cancerous behavior (running amok) can screw a large part of the body). Given these beliefs, I do centrally agree that we can alter our destinies, by a group us (cancerous cells) willing to conspire/gang up against the grain.

Side effects? Many.

Me altering my fundamental behavior (destiny) might potentially screw up many other destinies. That for me is a fundamental conflict and a reciepe for bad karma.

Would you like to get that promotion by screwing 20 others along the way. I am guessing the answer for most folks is a "no".

If that assumption is correct, then why would we want to believe a higher power(a flawed belief are the power) would be biased/partial to you at the risk of blowing other people up. And even if, such a higher power exists, would you want to deal with him ? (Example in real life, the mafia can esily control your and 1000 other lives. Do common people like us go out to them and request them to control our destinies.)

Inability to accept everything in life as game which is playing out, is essentially the root of our own expectation/happiness quotient mis-match.

Think of life as java program, that has spawn 1 billion real time objects. Can a few objects bring the program down by running amok (memory leak)...of course they can? Can the fricking programmer do anything to change/stop that? Not really :
1. He would not exactly know who is the trouble-maker till its very late.
2. He could not correct most things at run-time, he has bring the whole system down (kill the billion objects) and restart.
3. Will he have a bias towards one particular object instance against another...of course not, he would not be even aware of each of their existence.

We are all real time objects. Every time more than a critical number of objects mis-behave the system is forced to shut down and restart. Can a few objects conspire with each other to hog the resources? Yes they can.
Do you want to be one such object? The answer to this question will determine whether you will pray for favors.

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