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Post 519 : The moth-king and the flies...

Was watching Documentary 24*7 (telecast on NDTV, the channel we just villified a few posts ago!!, well, there is some hope still left). Their current series is a set of docs on Kabir by Shabnam Virmani as part of the Kabir Project. I seen a few epsiodes twice already and still continue to watch them enriched and enthralled....

In one of the episodes, one of the protagonists narrates this interesting story. Transcribing this from memory, so excuse my creative liberties.

One day a group of flies reach to the moth colony and seek audience with the leaders out there. When they finally meet the Shah of moths (King of moths), they seek equal respect and recognition.

Fly1 : Shah of Moths, we (flies) can fly faster, are more nimle than moths. We also are more adaptable, and yet....moths enjoy this reputation and admiration which we are not privy to. All sufis want to be like moths. The way we see it, just because you seek light (like the sufis), they metaphorically identify with you, instead of with us. We feel this is unfair, we want our share of admirers in the world. More importantly, we henceforth want to called as moths.

Moth-King: Before we can do that, we have to make sure all your claims are correct. A batch of moths will leave tomorrow morning in search of the flame (light). You can leave with them at the same time. Go find the light and then we can consider your request.

Fly2 : (all enthu) Sure.

(Next morning, flies leave with the batch of moths. Come evening, they all assemble back at the Shah's court.)

Fly1 : I flew high and far, and found the light in the form of a candle.
Fly2 : I found a tubelight.
Fly3 : I found a cooking gas light.
Fly 4 : I found the holy lamp in a temple.

Fly n : I found the light in the crematorium.

Fly1: So Shah, now that all of us have strived to find the light and we all have found it. None of your moths are back (chuckle!!) I think they are still searching (chuckle again). Do you now recognize we are equals, if not better than your moths.

Shah (after a long gaze and thought) : If you had really found "the light" you would not be here, just like my moths.

(If they would have found the light, they would have fused with it.....rather than brining that claim back as if it were some sort of a certificate).

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