Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Post 517 : Barkha Dutt and the fall of NDTV...

I grew up fed on a diet of "The world this week" by Pranoy Roy. We all hold a special place in our heart for NDTV.
In the early years, I used to be a big admirer of Barkha Dutt. The more I see of this lady, the more I am sure, every dog has to die (whether it barks or not!!)
In her case, she is going down barking. If you see how she and her intelligence on "We the People" have deteriorated, then you will know what I mean. If you had read her (idiotic) defense of NDTV's coverage of Mumbai's 26/11, then you would have been sure that the end can't be very far away.

I spent a few minutes yesterday, trying to think of a reason why? Only one word kept resounding in my head.


The latest is the apology by Chetanya Kunte....All over blogs. Read it at Rishi's blog.....

I will be amused and entertained if NDTV comes after me as well. I too think they were shoddy so are most of their new anchors and programming. (Ooh la la....I am defamed !!)

Does NDTV realize that blogs work in mysterious way? In the business they are in, negative branding is a death knell for credibility.

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