Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Post 515 : The God of small things...

I am never tired of screaming out aloud that at heart, I am a complete atheist. I disagree with the idea that a power greater than you exists. (This is not hubris!!). What I mean is, you are part of the "GOD".

Let me explain. My recent theories (and I am drawing room preacher) make me believe that the "GOD" is within you. When you pray (which you must), you are simply invoking a part of you and the rest of the universe to have a conversation.

Destiny is nothing but an interconnected pattern between the rest, my mind and me (notice, my mind and me are seperate...a la matrix!!). When I pray, I am appealing to the goodness of all the three (the power of 3!!).

Why should a deeper intelligence than my concsious being exist? Lots of examples to illustrate:
1. When you gnash yourself, how does the body repair itself? I dont even think about it even for a second, but it works like clockwork.
2. The first example was still a special case, but kidneys, liver, lungs, (even the ) brain....why forget the heart. Do I even remotely control any of these? So who controls them, if your answer is "the brain". How does the liver of a brain dead person work?. I am sure physiologically, science has quite a few answers. ....
3. One day suddenly a chair which has not been touched for years, cracks and falls. Who decides, at what point should the chair fall? Surely, in an (assumedly) deterministic world, nothing can be random or without a reason.
4. Bell's theorem states that twin particles who are seperated by billions of light years will still instantly communicate. The famous example is take a set of twins (one having a clockwise and another anti-clockwise compensating) spin. Seperate them by a billion miles, one alter one of them, say reverse the spin of the clockwise spinner....and at the same instant, the other twin will reverse on its own, to continue the compensating spin. (The magic is not just in the supposed instant communication, its also that 2 destinies can be so interwined....and if we alter the destiny of one, the other will compensate. If you understand and agree with this, you will never ask for one thing ever to be altered in your it your height, weight, wife, money, luck, job....because though that alteration might happen, but abstracted from you the compensations which we wont be aware of, might catch others by surprise).
5. The day we have understood, who decides between an atom-photon state, who decides when a cell is going to turn cancerous, who decides that at this point the body is going to be lifeless, where is the intelligence to form a body from a single cell stored.....when we have answered even one of these questions well, we will have found our GOD.

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