Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Post 514 : House Warming....

Buddy Prashant (and Nitya) has just finished doing up his home and has moved in. This post is to congratulate him and wish him and fly (We are Indians :-)) a great ball on the wire.

On the subject of houses. Its about 7 months since I moved into my own. I have a few learning's around this experience :
1. A home has to be nurtured, just like a baby. It requires continuous interaction, embellishments, the whistles and dont you forget the bells.
2. Dont mend it to suit what an interior book says, but mend it to suit you. Your house is you. You ask, sounds good, but what does it really mean?
- If your mind is clean as a carpet, then keep the house simple spartan.
- My own mind is random, unstructured and fairly protean. My reflects that, it has books, music, music instruments, dvds, art (I really love surrounded by the creations of one's mind) and not to mention a fully functional kitchen ( I enjoy cooking).
- Give your house a share of metal. Metals tended to take the sheen (and I mean this in a positive sense) out of the home. They cool the house and reduce the invariable hubris it might bring along. (If this sounds mumbo-jumbo....simple example, take a copper glass, fill it with water and drink it 8 hours later. You will suffer some side effect (most commonly fever). Metals do interact with us, just like any other material....its just that others like wood, stone show effects much later. My personal favorite is yellow metals (not gold!!, but brass & copper). They tend to ring in a air of rootedness.)
-Don't cut corners, break mental price barriers. Does not make sense if you buy a house worth 40L and then decide I will use Mosaic tiles instead of granite. Just assume you instead paid 41L for the house and go for granite.

3. My most important realization - a home is as good as its contents. A smiling family, good aromas, excellent sounds (music)....all contribute to the character and upbringing of the home.

My idea was not to be preachy, but rather to share ideas which influenced my outlook to the home. Hope that helped.

And coming back to the original point, congrats to Prashant and Nitya. Tons of good feelers, the house looks lovely in photos.

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