Saturday, January 31, 2009

Post 513 : Music 45 : Summertime Rocks by Smoke from album Smoke Signals

Smoke is a band formed by Dhruv Ghanekar ((ex-Charaview) and now a composer and promoter of Bluefrog Records) & Ashu (who is also ex-Chraview).

More about at the album at the Bluefrogsounds website

I have been listening to the song "Summertime rocks" from the album, it also features Kailash Kher vocals.

You can Listen to it at
and watch the kitschy video at

What to note:
1. Outstanding vocals from both Dhruv and Kailash Kher.
2. Feel happy lyrics, yet a very wonderlandish feel to it.
3. Drums and guitar. Which indipop(rock) band uses that anymore?

I am going to go out and buy it, its one for the collection. Funky and phenomenal. (As a policy, no ripping or downloads for albums I like....)

Go listen, feel happy. Life is such a drunk bumblebee!!

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Anisha said...

yes... it's a great song... but the lyrics are nowhere to be found...

Amitabh said...

Anisha Refer to my post 610, lyrics now available.....

Adrian MoczyƄski said...

Great article. Thank You