Monday, January 26, 2009

Post 511 : Vindication arrives in strange shapes and sizes...(Slumdog Millionaire)

Vivek's comment on my post...

Way to go, buddy!! Its confirmed, Slumdog stands true to the Oscar tribe, its a CRAPPY movie!!

Vivek Menon said...
Watched Slumdog Mi... yesterday - it is a crapy movie, I have no idea why the whole world raves abt this movie (i see mob mentality in the film review world too)...maybe my taste is bad - or is it... and A.R.Rehman won a golden globe for music in it... we all have heard much better music from him - Dilli6 is a good one....If it is the dose of reality that is making this a great movie, then they should watch a movie like Chandini Bar...Was at this store near Canary Wharf when a person of African origin asked me if I had watched Slumdog Mil.. - had not seen it then, but he had - so asked him wht he thought abt it - he said - the west likes this movie - cause they believe by giving it awards and watching the movie, they are helping the poor and not so fortunate ppl in these countries... and we both knew that is so not true - shared a good laugh with my stranger friend there... Blood Diamond is another such movie..

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