Monday, January 26, 2009

Post 510 : Music 44 – Masakali – Delhi 6 (contd.)

Finally bought the album, did not have the heart to rip this one off. The production quality of the CD and the jewel case is outstanding.

The jacket includes a photo book and the lyrics. That alone makes the price worth it.

On the Masakali song, Prasoon Joshi says :

“This song was  trip. I’ve tended to rely on imagery to transport you to my world. It may make more sense when you see the film, but I do think that it’ll connect even without an overt context. Because it’s about freedom. MasakAli could be the soul. MasakAli could be the inspired desire; it could be an innocent dream in the stranglehold of worldly expectations. Hear it symbolically and you will find many a connect. It’s got its own flavor enhanced by Mohit’s singing.”

I could not agree more with the last comment. Mohit’s magic is called signing, its inspired in its own interpretation, a la classical composition.

One key note :
Almost every song has Prasoon’s 2 bits on it. That suddenly makes the songs so personal, so familair. I wish more writers would do the same.
Mr. Joshi take a bow.

Mohit Chauhan


Prasoon Joshi

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