Monday, January 26, 2009

Post 509 : Fragile lives and delicate balance

As we watched Parzania, Amma and gang and I (bad english, but excusay muay), debated and talked about “what is” and “what is not?”.

I have been for years aware and adjusted to the fact that our lives in a city like Bombay is cheap and liquid. And I just dont mean, “lives” as in life and death…in general, even our daily peripatetic motions.

We are a nation with a very violent past (and heart) that was humbled into repression by Gandhi and his thoughts. The good man left us 50 years ago, and now the import of his thoughts are waning too. With each passing generation, we are pushed further down to the precipice.

One look at Parzania, and you might stop asking questions like “Why 26/11 on Mumbai?”, “why does Israel attack Gaza?”….

We as a community have allowed genocide in the name of religion (not just by Hindus, but by all faiths at different times).

Life for us is cheap, its not even a statistic, because in India, even the death counts are under-stated….so you might not even feature as a statistic.

I see no difference between the India of today and the Russia/Germany of 1980s, wherein the red flags could (and would) control your lives completely, usurping it at will and playing a slow game of rape.

Am I a Hindu? Yes, by birth. Am I a Muslim? My carpenter is, so is my mason, and my breakmaker…that makes a lot of Allah in my life. Am I a Christian? I studied for 12 years in a convent school. Am I a Sikh? Why I am ruled by one at this point (note the word I used is “ruled”). Am I a parsi? Some of my dearest friends are, and hence I am. Am I a human being? I think so, but am not so sure.

Its so easy for my kid to go khattam-shud tomorrow, or for my genitals to be chopped off in some barbaric kind of riot, or my parents to be murdered and shot at, or my house (and office) to be blown up into bits.

We forget that we live in a world that is hanging a delicate balance, a world on the wire, one straw on the wire and you go phuntoosh. I think its time we adjusted to the new reality. Time is ticking, the bomb (has been) was set in motion years ago.

We cannot but partake the Karmic Pain that Bush, Osama and the gang will one day unleash on us. We are part of the party. Go enjoy today, for tomorrow you might be on the edge of no return.

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aayan said...

The dynamic equilibrium of the society is maintained by the dynamic equilibrium in each mind.