Monday, January 26, 2009

Post 507 : Movie 22 : Parazania (The utopia that never was)

I watched this Rahul Dholakia movie yesterday night with Amma, Appa and wifey.

Its a movie set in the Ahmedabad (Gujrat) part post Godhra and during the 2002  Communal rights. Its a downright real movie, a movie that you relate to completely (because of what you see everyday around you)…a la Shool, Gangajal, Apaharan.

I wont bore you with the story, you can google that…..but reasons you must watch this movie:

1. Its shows the underbelly of Gujarat like you have never seen it before.
2. Naseer and Sarika (and the 2 children) have given outstanding performances. Halfway through the movie, they weep on screen, and you very easily forget this is movie, it is as if…a real tragedy is unfolding in first person.
3. Wafer crisp editing (earlier my phrase was razor sharp, ah, thats too boring).
4. It will make you think, cringe, possibly weep, and question. Thats more than most movies can do now-a-days.
5. There is an element of jostle and wake up in the story, and that works well for an urban sleeping almost-dead soul…sometimes you need these defibrillator jolts.

Its is a 10 out of 10 movie. I could not point a single flaw in the movie (save the fact that the chawl folks speaking in English seems a little odd, but then English is the chosen medium, it was made for a English audience.)

Parzania4P sarika-parzania


On a slightly different note, this movie was banned in Gujarat and I think in most other states. This could have fetched us every film award we ever wanted, but still we will continue raving about Slumdog Millionaire, hype it up, make it the most cathartic experience of our time, bask in its after-glory, and…..Jai Ho!!

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