Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post 505 : Bhala hua meri matki phooti (Kabir)

Heard this today on TV, and was blown by the lateral thought of the poet…

Searched on google found it at

Reproducing the part I had heard…


bhala(good) hua meri matki(pot) phooti re
main to pania(water) bharan se chooti re

kabir talks about death, the routine of life and activities we do to sustain our body in form of allegory of a broken pot.

thank you O Lord! for kindness
that this earthen pitcher is broken.
no more filling it up
no routine guards now and worries none


My own translation is:

Its a good thing (O Lord) that my pot got shattered,
I am now freed up (from this ritual of) filling up water!!

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Ankur Nigam said...

i don't think its about death. had it been about death it would have been rather escapist and Kabirji always wrote about facing the truth and being strong. i think what he is talking about here is 'ego'. when your concept of self / ego gets shattered, and when you merge with the supreme being, there is no desire to run after the things man runs after. its not abt winning anymore, or accumulating more. so you don't need to fill your concept of self with things like the car you drive or the phone you use. one reaches the beautiful stage of detachment while one is alive, not after death.

Anand said...

We think that what we do is what keeps us alive. I come to work and believe that that is what gets me the food. One day you are left with nothning and life goes on. Living happens and it is non volitional. Osho would tell the story of a Washerman's donnkey standing outside in the night thethered to a pole and a stray donkey comes up and says that He takes care of your needs - no need to slave for the washerman.