Sunday, December 07, 2008

Post 488 : Movie 19 Wall E

This movie is melancholic, and paints a real picture of the world’s future. Very apt theme of craving for mother earth.

What to look out for:

1. Pixar’s story-telling
2. The Characters
3. Background music (this movie has almost no dialogues)
4. The jibes and satire (e.g Buy’n’Large Corporation)
5. Peter Gabriel’s Down to Earth

What not to look out:

1. I thought the movie labors in the middle section, esp. when Walle travels to the space ship.
2. Eva (the love interest) seems confused and ambivalent (she cuts both ways!!)

Will I see this movie again? Maybe not. Will I own the DVD? Maybe not. Will I say “highly recommended” to my friends? Maybe not.

Three “Maybe  nots” make this a 7 star movie (7/10)

wall-e2 wall-e

wall-e3 wall-e_3

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