Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Post 468 : Raga Notation

I plan to start publishing some of the Ragas I am learning. I am definitely afraid what I am learning is just one particular version of the Raga and my own limited rote is not going to take me too far. Want to share (my version) of what I am learning for 2 reasons:

1. To share
2. To get validation that I am on the right track.

To share my version of the Ragas it is very essential we get out notation right. So I publishing in this post the notation that I am going to use to explain the sequence of notes.

You have to remember :

1. I am learning these on the harmonium
2. I am at this point not too bothered about taal and timings. (am still at a very early stage).
3. I am self-taught, so my knowledge is fraught with error and mistakes.

The sequence of notes for me is....

Lower Notes (left of the harmonium) - Mandar Saptak



Center = Madhya Saptak


Tara Saptak (higher notes)



Enough for now, if I use more notations will update this later.

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Anonymous said...

hey amitabh.

how about adding music piece to accompany with it ?

or if you know any song/tune based on that Raga; then mention of the same would add a great value to your posts about Ragas.

Ragas are something I wish I had learned in my childhood :-) ...

hope to find that zeal again to learn them :-)

Anonymous said...

Amit I have the whole of this last month been thinking of taking my old harmonium out and begin to practice again what little music i learnt ....and do some re learning ....