Sunday, November 09, 2008

Post 449 : Movie 16 - Drona (or what good wine can do to you)

We were at Sri's place yesterday. In my new found bewdoo avtaar, I had doffed 3 glasses of wine (Chantilli from Chateau Indage...I am plugging it for 2 reasons, one, I love this wine - second I own their stocks)


And then the DVD-wallah came in...and I suggested we pick up Drona.

Movies like this (and Jimmy) are made for group watching....Sri, Smitha, Vivek, wifey and me had a ball watching it.

Summary :

It should rate as one of the crappiest movie, I have ever seen, maybe a -2 on 10. Even the older Mithun movies were better (Jallad, Hitler, Chandaal and the likes) least their heart was in the right place.

Key points:

1. Yeh anth ki shuruaat hain....Abhishek really sucks. He and Priyanka both have such constipated and consistent expressions through the movie.
2. Who the f**k told Abhi that a super-hero wears a sherwani (yes, you heard right) and has a perpetual etched frown on his forehead.
3. Special effects on which about 10m USD were spent were tacky as usual.
4. There is blatant rip off from Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribean, some Barbie movie (yeah, you heard right again!!), Spiderman....
5. Jaya Bachchan is horrendous!!
6. Total absence of a plot, story, get the drift right!!
7. Total absence of chemistry between Abhi and Priyanka....guys, even a catalyst would not help these two inert souls!!

Recommended viewing strategy:
Have bottles of alcohol ready, a huge group of bawdy girls and boys in an ineberated state....and the pump and dump the dvd. You will laugh more than you have ever in the past.

Thank you Goldie Behl for giving us a paunchy super-hero.....This rates as the top laugh-riot for 2008 (so far!!)

drona3jb5 still6 still4 still1

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