Monday, October 27, 2008

Post 435 : You can take the shoe out of the sand, but you can never take the sand out of the shoe....

Like a complete duffer that I am, I got along running shoes, but no socks on this Goa trip.
Socks or no socks...I decided to give the beach a run....Had a long walk-along the beach coastline. In doing this I had to wear my shoes without socks.
I came back after a 9km walk, and the first thing I realised was that my shoes were full of sand....they were dry, so I dusted my feet and shoes and hoped to see the last of the sand. This I did repeatedly for about 2-3 times (separated by 5-10 mins), and yet every single time, spoons full of sand was coming off my shoes.
I finally took it to the bathroom and power-sprayed it clean, effectively laundry-ing the shoe.
For now, it appeared to have removed the sand, at the cost of dirtying the bathroom. The shoe was left out to dry. This was all yesterday. Today, I gave the (dry) shoe a shake, and lo, still bits of sand fell out.
I think this will go on for some time.....
In the past, I have noticed, it is similar with the sand in the carpet of the car.

Makes me believe, you can try and remove the shoe (car) out of the sand, but you cannot remove the sand out of the shoe (car).

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