Monday, October 27, 2008

Post 434 : Theatre - The way you spell it

Goa is a place full of culture (to me at least). Like in Kerala, booze, women and movies are defining aspects of everyday life (mind you, not the cocunuts, they are accourments for outsiders like us)....similarly in Goa, it has to be booze and food....
The strange part is they have learnt to spell life as they talk, which is okay, except that even when similar English/Hindi/Konkani words exists.
For example, theatre as spelt as TIATR all over the place, and when I mean "all", I mean "all", ads, interviews, stars....all of these in perfectly respected local English dailies.
Second common one for me was Loffde - (equivalent to Lafda in Hindi). There must have been some Loffde out there.
More to come on this...

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1 comment:

Gotta Be Max said...

Its like this... lakh, the hindi word finds its way even in annual reports of prestigious companies. Probably other than those which are listed on the NYSE with ADRs.
The use of bazaar, guru or pundits in the English language, to the point they find mention in the Oxford English dictionary speak of the cross-pollination of languages.

Final word: Which came first loffde or lafda is really hard to say as the latter is not a hindi word [to the best of my poor-hindi knowledge] and is rather slang, prevelant in mumbai which is inhabitated by a very strong konkani population.