Monday, October 20, 2008

Post 431 : Red Letter Day.....Its my blood that moves the black......Bloody Mary


You took the silver, you took the gold
You left me standing out in the cold
People asked about you, I didn't tell them everything I knew
Well I try to get closer but I'm still a million miles from you
- Million Miles, Bob Dylan

"You make me want to take up smoking/ to take long slow drags,/ watching you with half-closed eyes/ but I'll leave the cigarettes in 7-11s where they belong.../ I wouldn't want to taint your beautiful hair/ with my tobacco stained fingers/ I feel like i need a shot of tequila/ that warmth in my belly/ to boil away all of my inhibitions/ but I'm keeping myself away from the hard stuff/ not wanting your beautiful visage to be smudged/ by any alcohol-induced blurriness/ you inspire me to write a thousand poems/ that fill my brain with intoxicating visions/ and sweetly soften my heart/ but I stop myself from signing them/ not wanting to pollute your beautiful brain/ with my lack of rhyme, meter, talent/ you reawaken my heart to hope/ the most potentially dangerous emotion of all/ that allows me to believe you could be on the brink as well/ and i can't stop myself from sharing this/ can't protect your beautiful soul/ from my hungry ramblings/ if I pollute you/ will you still be beautiful?"
-Jennifer Dawn Crispin, "indulgences"

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