Sunday, October 19, 2008

Post 428 : Wrod to the Desi....


Something unique about us desis is our ability to be outlandishly insulting to ourselves. Compare the quintessential desi to a "male ego" which has an ocd with "sizes" and feels anything longer than his, is where he needs to be.

And today, in Mid-Day I read about Ravi Bajaj giving a bold (I mean literally it was bold and highlighted)  statement about his upcoming wine bar.

"Twenty percent of the wine produced in the world is bad, but I feel 80 percent of the wine in India is undrinkable. Since I want to offer my clientele the best options, I will serve only imported wines at my place."


Who is Ravi Bajaj anyway?

He is a designer(fashion of course, muuuaah!!!) who made his money conning India's fashion clientele. So the Indian clientele deserve his fashion, but not the local wines. Oh, how charming.....

For once, I am contemplating, reporting this to my buddy Raj (I mean Thackrey, he is everyone's buddy, right?). Raj buddy why dont you vandalise Ravi's bar instead of the poor UP guys at Thane station. The pleasure( and I genuinely mean it) in this case will be all mine.

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