Sunday, October 19, 2008

Post 427 : I will be 66 when I die....

My portfolio is down 66% from its highs.

I have sat pretty. Not liquidated or shuffled at all.

My stocks to watch continue to include
-Gitanjali Gems
-Entertainment Network Limited (Bennett Coleman promoted Radio Mirchi)
-Suzlon (yes, I continue to bet on this battered one & remains one of my largest holdings)
-Moser Baer (I still like this stock)
-Chateau/Champagne Indage
-Bayer Crop Science
-Mount Everest Water
-Pyramid Saimara
- Indian Hotels (newly added to my watchlist)

Very contrarian picks, I have been told. Everyone is advising me for years to move to real estate/gold or what they call as "real assets". I believe in these stocks, I believe I know their businesses well, and if I was a fund manager with a corpus of 100Cr, I would still invest in these very stocks. For the first time in my life, I am also planning to pick up a mutual fund, "The World Gold Fund" by DSP Merrill Lynch, supposedly a fund which invests in Gold Mining companies.

When will the markets recover?

I think in about 18-24 months. I am happy sitting tight till then.

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