Sunday, October 19, 2008

Post 423 : The male "Shoba De" is here....

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I was at the gym and surfing channels and ended up watching NDTV Showbiz, covering the 3rd day success party of "Hello", the cinematic version of "One night at the call center", Chetan Bhagat's "best-seller".

For those not in the know, the film got the worst critic reviews one could hope for, and all around people flayed and frayed it. Audiences thought it was a colossol disaster, very badly directed and a complete lack of script (though it is adapted from a book, how strange!!!)

So the question what was the 3rd day celeb ration about?

Supposedly "Hello" had collected some 7Cr in 3 days or some technicality of that sort.

I finally heard Chetan Bhagat speak. Here are a few adjectives to describe what I heard - commercial, inane, self-obsessed, sindhi (dont know whether he is one!!), Delhi type sho-sha, scam....

All of these apply to Shoba De, with the exception of "sindhi". Thats what made me believe the male version of the "Day" had arrived.


I am glad I have not read any of his books so far. I still maintain that the speech he wrote (or someone ghost wrote for him, see, now I have my doubts!!) for Symbiosis, Pune, is quite a stunner.

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LOL. Couldn't agree more