Sunday, August 10, 2008

Post 384: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (My inspirations)

In the late 90s used to possess quite a few tapes of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. As usual, it got destroyed with time (in a humid place like Mumbai, tapes never lasted beyond a few years).

I never replenished my collection (again) with the Sarod Maestro. Lately, in the past 3 months have picked up quite a few of his albums, realised that I am very biased towards Hindustani Vocal, need to balance it out a bit; also just picked up his book from the library. Loved the book by Raghava Menon.

One of the albums I picked was "My Inspirations" where the Ustad covers famous compositions by his inspirations - Faiyaz Khan, Abdul Karim Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Amir Khan and Kesarbai Kerkar.

The format he chooses is, he sings the composition, announces the artist and the raag and then proceeds to play it on Sarod. (The Ustad was trained by his Guru, his father, Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan - by the father singing a part of a song, and then asking his son to repeat this on the Sarod. The father would sing in his mind before he played it on the Sarod himself.)

My point, listen to Ustad Amjad Ali Khan - he can sing as good as he can play the Sarod.

I am falling in love with the Sarod again.

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1 comment:

Viji said...

I heard /saw him perform for the first time some 35 years ago when I was in college ; in Kamani Auditorium I think , in Delhi. Believe me it ranks as one of my most memorable , magical memories.