Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Post 371 : Where is the soap?

My mom kept a cake of soap in a pearlpet (plastic) jar. This was about 5 days ago. Yesterday we wanted to use this jar to store some food, removed the cake of soap and were about to dump the food in...when...wait a min....it reeked of caustic soda, or soap.

We decided to clean it and we did that doggedly with the cleaning liquid. Left it to dry for about 20 mins. Smelt it again. Still reeking of soap.

One more round of cleaning. Smell. Still Reeking.

Third round of cleaning. Smell. Still smelling (not reeking).

Decided to leave it open till morning, in the hope the smell will escape.

Morning. Smell. Still smelling.

Where is the soap? Plastic is inert, it is not even supposed to absorb soap atoms. We have scrubbed it clean thrice, and yet.

More importantly, where does Smell live?