Sunday, February 10, 2008

Post 370 : Movie Quotes - The Departed (Lobster House Conversation)

BILLY Don't look. There’s a white van across the parking lot?

COSTELLO (lifting and looking at his sketch) They don't have directional microphones.

BILLY What, do you got x-ray vision?

COSTELLO (not taking his eyes off his sketch) They don't have directional microphones.

(BILLY registers what seems to be inside information.)

COSTELLO (CONT'D) People looking at you make you selfconscious?

BILLY I don't know.

COSTELLO Why? They’re minuses. They can’t tell the difference between a rock star and a career criminal.

BILLY Anyone not a criminal is a minus?

COSTELLO What are you soft? That's not what I said. Eat something, Jesus Christ, we got a nice day by the water. Sun's shining, gulls are up...Nice smell of ozone...

COSTELLO (CONT'D) You know if your father were alive and saw you, sitting here with me,
let’s say he would have a word with me about this, in fact, he'd kill seven guys just to cut my throat. And he could do it, which is something you may not know about William Costigan, Sr.

BILLY He never, ah, I mean never?

COSTELLO He kept his own counsel. He never wanted money. You can't do a thing with a man like that. Your uncle Jackie needed a lot of money. But even though he got his money from me, he also would kill my entire fucking family if he saw me here with you. And I think about this.

BILLY So what are talking about here?

COSTELLO Fact is you're not a guy fresh from the zoo who wants to run a spring water distributor and I don't see you up the dog track as a general manager.

BILLY Look at it this way. It's like a tuba. I want to see if I can get something out of it.

COSTELLO You ever think of going back to school?

BILLY With all due respect, Mr. Costello, school’s out.

COSTELLO Well that's your problem. Maybe someday you'll wake the fuck up.
(He gets up and leaves the table, leaving BILLY sitting there. COSTELLO stops to speak to the priests.)
COSTELLO (CONT'D) Good day, Fathers.

PRIESTS (terrified and simultaneously) Good morning [day], Francis, good morning.

COSTELLO You recall our chat? "I am as God made me", was that what you said? May I remind you, God don't run the bingo in this archdiocese.

YOUNG PRIEST May I remind you, Mr. Costello, that pride comes before the fall.

COSTELLO What comes before the Fall is the Summertime.

COSTELLO (notices that THE NUN is heading back to the table.) How is Sister Mary Theresa doing? We had a tasty relationship before she took her vows. Enjoy your clams, cocksuckers.

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