Sunday, December 30, 2007

Post 338 : Dont w(h)ine that creativity is dead

This is the new year's wishes from Chateau Indage, a wine maker based in India. I thought the idea is just brilliant, complete out of the box advertising.

Post337 : Indiscriminate Escalation (click on the image in case you cant read it well enough)

This one comes from Hindustan Times, Mumbai edition, pg.7 on 30th December 2007....

I have circled parts of the ad which I thought were really tacky. This was a full 1 page centerspread. Must have cost at least 7-16L given that it is on a Sunday edition.

My point spend some money on copywriters as well. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Post 336 : Weight Watcher 10 ( I am none the more lighter)

For the month of September, added 17 days onto the roster out of a possible 30.
For October 20 out of a possible 31
For November 16 out of a possible 30

From 5th Feb 07, it now totals up
132+17+20+16 out of 217 + 30+31+30
which is the same as
185 out of 308 days....Not too regular eh?

Post 335 : Long hiatus, back with a bang

I have not posted in the last 2+ months. Hope to cover up soon....
The news is, I am back (not like Senator Schwarznegger - speaking of whom, was amused to see him feature in both the Simpsons movie and Cars. In Cars he is the voice of the Hummer, and in Simpsons he appears like....uhm, what he is a.....California's senator).