Sunday, August 19, 2007

Post 306 : Regret in silence

As the person in front of him lay dying, Mushtaq could not help but ponder over their life. They both had been born of the same womb, and yet, life had driven them up driven walls….and they in turn had built more walls between themselves. It had been 3 long decades since they had been estranged.

3 decades could have meant years of a long fruitful relationship, innumerable conversations….all of that which ‘never really’ happened.

Death was coming in quickly and certainly. Even in the presence of death, they could not seem to break down the walls between them. 3 decades had hardened the walls and conversely weakened their desire to break them down.

In one swift instance, the patient died. Mushtaq felt a pinch, a jab…..He looked back on his life as a writer and smiled, “This is like me being infatuated with a novel which I did not even start writing, hoping it would have been good, if at all it would have been written. That’s stupid of me…..”

He walked out of the door to complete the formalities associated with the death of a near one.

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