Saturday, July 28, 2007

Post 287 : The anatomy of a life

Our lives are nothing but a set of events. Some of these events are good/happy events, some of these are neutral events, and some tragic.

Good/happy events is what we will/want to happen, neutral we dont care, and tragic events we hate.

Strangely, we are never really "happy" with good events, because we have already discounted them in the present. Which means I have already planned/thought and killed the surprise from owning a Merc someday. I already have fantasized enough about the machine, that when it does come along, it will be just another conquest, the "delight" factor is gone.

"Tragic" events, even the ones which fortell themselves are still unwelcome and the surprise is always there. If I have been detected with cancer 8 years ago, the eventual atrophy is already to be expected, when and how fast are some parameters still in the air. Yet, I will continue living life as this event simply does not exist. And lo another ostrich joins the human race.....

Given our prelidection to events (as described above), its almost always that a "tragic" event strikes some "unfortunate" entity ("and always a silent prayer of thanks from the other ostriches, "thankfully it is not me!"").

One such event struck occured last week, and it was another death to the ravages of life. And it was time to remind myself, that the next tragedy is never too far away. Probably not even 2 steps away, just around the corner, apparent-yet-transparent to my ostrich eyes.....

Maybe for once, I shall not wince, I shall not be surprised, I shall keep looking out, flexing myself, waiting to exhale "ah! so it was you", biding my time, tip-toeing on the "event" as it happens....

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