Thursday, July 26, 2007

Post 284 : Qaisa and Amir

(Years ago, long before the time electricity brightened our nights, in an ancient town...appears Islam dominated, what with most male particpants having long beards and speaking in unknown Arabic sounding dialects. They look Muslim.)

Qaisa is a short dusky girl, dressed in cream-brown attire. Amir is frail, with a slightly hunched back, dark skinned and yet dressed in black with the white cap (called the Taqiyah) recommended for Muslims.

Qaisa seeks Amir's help to vanquish 12 arab gents (probably religious figures??), and you ask why ? (not sure yet, read on??). These 12 gents are arriving at Amir's house for boarding and meals. (why??)

Amir's house is guarded by a huge black door made of heavy wood, unpolished and unvarnished. The gents arrive. Qaisa hides behind a wall.

Amir makes the gents comfortable and disarms them, makes them feel secure. He starts feeding them a multi-course meal.

While heading back and forth between the kitchen, he finds Qaisa tired and about to doze off behind the wall, decides to nudge her and wake her up...but before he reaches out to her, upon moving closer he sees her glassy eyes, realizes she is awake...and backs off.

The next time he passes her, he signals her to be ready (for the kill).

Qaisa is on cue....

She comes out of her hiding place. She is carrying a loaded multi-round gun (how on earth, did this come in ancient Arabia?). She starts shooting the gents with an anger that has a stench of revenge.

The gents somehow throw fire at grabs her clothes and she is aflame. Meanwhile she is still going about shooting rounds and soon, all you have is 12 writhing bodies.

Amir is shell-shocked by the whole play.....he is frozen in time....he remembers twitching and feeling a strange excitement, a sense of adventure as the scene plays out in front of him....yet being afraid...and as the bodies fall on the floor and the rout is over, Qaisa falls to the floor, now looking like a ghoulish flame.....Amir returns to life...rushes to save Qaisa...throws himself on her in an attempt to douse the flame.

While doing that, his rover eyes move around, watch the door, still contemplating "will help arrive?, is this real?, what must I do?"

And then.....

(I wake up. My throat is parched. I need water, I am breathless with some asthama issue. Its 12:47 am. Amir was certainly me, Qaisa was my other half....and yet, I lie awake does the brain conjure up such images....and all the while it was playing out, it seemed so this also the nature of our life? my subconscious telling me something? .....Had "I" not woken up for water, "I" would have known the whole story, yet, "I" rationlise that "loss" saying it was just a dream, yet "I" know(!), that I shall never know(!) the "whole" story.......Is this what death will be like? Someday my unconscious decides enough is enough, "it" needs "water" and wakes up...and khattam shud....this life-dream abruptly will have ended....the unconscious will not have known the "whole" story, but it will not care either....and the dream ("me, I") , what about that...why bother, did it even have an existence....nah!!)

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