Monday, July 23, 2007

Post 280 : What is a poem?

A poem is nothing but a mindgame. Why?

Well, a hidden metaphor here, a bent from the side there...and viola you have a complex written thought structure, in which, in all probablity the poet is expressing a fairly simple idea...yet he wants you to untangle it from within a play of language and abstract gizmondo.....

While all of this is being essayed, neither the writer nor the reader have any sureity, that they shall ever get to the same idea (with the same colored hues with which the writer meant it to be)......and yet...therein lies the fascinating part of written poetry.....neither the twang of the poet or the reader shall ever meet for sure, yet both of those are playing a game.

The poet, setting the maze, the reader traversing it...and when the reader feels he has has unravelled enough to know the poet's mind, (or the simple idea behind the complex tapestry)....its a moment of "ahah", of nirvana, of written 'telepathy'.

And that, my friend is the reason, why a poem gives you joy. Very much, just like a Zen koan, or a Japanese Haiku....

Its all about veling a message on one side, and unravelling it at the other side (sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but who the heck verifies?)

And you thought the frigging greek warriors invented cryptography......

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mr bojangles said...

hey you! just stumbled upon your blog - you're prolific! keep it going.

read this (if you haven't). you'll like, I know.

have a happy day!