Sunday, July 15, 2007

Post 276 : Music 25 : Le chale (Sunidhi Chauhan from My Brother Nikhil)

To set the record straight, I am fascinated by this genre of background scores. This love was accentuated when I heard Satya's background score.....

(Digression - if you read the inlay card within the background scorecard of Satya, you shall get Ram Gopal Varma, speak about "how should background scores be heard and appreciated" - his point is, when he was evaluating the score for Satya by Sandeep Chowta, he used to sit in a black room with eyes closed, and just listen to the music, and evaluate whether it would convey the mood for a particular scene.)

Since Satya, I have built up quite a collection (Ab Tak Chappan, Black, Truman Show, Eyes Wide Shut.....)

Two films where the background score is derived out of the movie's theme songs (or so I noticed, I am sure there are more than 2 films).....Don (the Farhan Aktar one) and My Brother Nikhil. (I would love to lay my hands on the background soundtrack of Don.....)

Listen to Le Chale, by Sunidhi Chauhan (it also has version by Shaan and KK).....slow and fast.....Its possibly one of the best background theme songs for a movie.

This shall easily rate as one of my favorite contemprary film songs in the entire past decade. Sunidhi is controlled and the melancholy is all over the place....a perfect complement to what needs to be conveyed in the movie.

Look out for Sunidhi's voice range, and you shall know why she is what she of the best in the business.

Two closing comments:
1. I suggest next time you decide to watch a movie, go pick up the background score and listen to it about 10 times, and then watch the movie. You shall be surprised of how much meaningful the movie and its scenes suddenly appear. I have done this with Satya. I heard Satya almost a hundred times before I saw the movie. Every single scence was like a deja vu for me.

2. Can anyone get me Don's background score....Farhan bhai, you need to release it....its too good to be in your closet.

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