Sunday, June 03, 2007

Post 273 : Tired and feeling the pain

Days passing by, life is drifting away. A strange uneasy prickly pain - a residual of some old forgotten stab.....

I often sit and wonder, am I any closer to Buddha state? (This is what I call as a perfect example of a fuckball rhetoric question).

It seems so un-real, artificial as I project to the world the image of a stoic person, who knows exactly what-where-how-why and yet, life is just a conundrum for me as it is for you.

It makes me wonder, did the Lord actually create us as a image of herself ( I like to believe, if the Lord does exist, it must a benevolent 'she' and not a sexist malovent 'he'.). If we are indeed images of Her, then Joanna gimme hope, I have nothing to look forward to.....We are so flawed, we have everything and yet our boundless and insanely greedy brain wants those 2 extra shells of corn which it currently does not possess.....Surely, if Buddhahood is considered doctorate, I am at a state where I need to enroll into kintergarden.....

I probably have everything which a billion others dont have(and crave for)....and yet I yearn for those small nothings, those weak poems and flaky smiles which my Mastercard cannot buy me.

Running out of credit? Bad Credit History? Sir, a large 'Venti' cup of Karma Cola coming your way.

Post 272 : Weight Watcher 5 (Run Like Hell)

Started running Feb 5 2007, until 31st May, I could have a run a total of 125 days of which I managed to run on 73 days.
In May I ran 22 out of a possible 31 days, always clocking 7+ kms, most days around 8.5, and at the peak 11.5kms.
Weighing 85 kgs, 36cms waist

Target remains unchanged
March 08 - 82 kgs, 13 kms on the trot, 35cms waist
Jan 09 - running the half marathon

It feels so good to be beating the body at its own game. Am Loving it (though I am off McJunk).