Sunday, April 01, 2007

Post 257 : Weight Watcher -3

I started jogging (actually its a hogwash to call it jogging) its less than 8 kms/hour....but anyways I started jogging on 5th Feb. For the months of March/Feb 07, a total of 55 total days of which I managed to run on 38 days.

I started with a struggle to even make it 300 metres without pausing, by the end of Feb, I was doing 1.7kms without a break.

In the first 3 weeks of march was doing 3.5kms without a break.

Now I am finally breaking the 4km barrier. Idea is to try and run 7km without a break before next Jan (Jan 08) and try and participate in the dream run of Mumbai Marathon.

Is that something worth 'running-away-from-death' for? I definitely think so.