Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post 245 : The Man who saw the world

Bhandup has meter-less rickshaw's which means anywhere you want to go within Bhandup, it is a flat Rs.9. What additionally happens is, the rickshaw owners are locals, so everyone knows everyone if you long enough. Often, they shall hitch a friend of theirs on the front seat as part of your drop. So in effect you pay for the trip of someone, who gets a free ride.

I have no qualms with this system, its fair, its cheap, its eco-friendly and efficient.

Today, I took the rick back home. A blind man hitched along. It was obvious he was good friends with the owner. The blind man was dressed in a shirt with some red colored designs, a creamish trouser, black shoes and his foldable walking stick. He wore the 'blind' glasses and if not for the glasses and the stick, you would never easily guess he was blind.

As the journey started, he started speaking to owner and telling him in hindi "Let me teach you a bhajan".....and so he started.

He had a melidious voice, he actually sang the raga before he sang the bhajan....It seemed to be a Meera Bhajan. He sang very well, light hearted, genunine devotion, and with all musical sensiblities intact.

The owner was enthralled and appreciative, so was I (though not vocally).

As the journey came to an end, he almost had finished half the bhajan.....

I could not help but feel the irony of my own life. Here was a blind man, totally at ease with was obvious that his life was not as at ease as it seemed, yet his mental state was that of peace. For the life of me ever, I cannot imagine singing with such music sense.....nor can I ever fathom such devotion for a bhajan.

It reminded me again, life is a function of what we make of it, with our eyes or without them.....

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