Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Post 242 : Movie 10 (Apna Sapna Money Money)

I saw this last week with Vijiamma and Appa. Its a nice brainless (yeah thats a compliment) unpretentious movie.

Ritesh Deshmukh, Chunkey Pandey both are my favorites. Shreyas Talpade is good as well. Watch this movie for some imminently laugable moments.

Some scenes I remember:
1. Sunil Shetty cribbing to the DCP about other officers who were corrupt - saying "unke paas ghar hain, bangla hain, bank balance hain aur...... maa bhi hain"
2. Sunil Shetty screaming at Chunkey, who is Nepali and hence speaks like a Gurkha - Chunkey says "magore (read magar)" in a hindi sentence, which is like a "but" and Sunil says " abey magore hoga talab mein".....
3. Chunkey calling up and telling that he has the girl in his kabza and being told - " bahut acha watchman, aab saheb ko phun do".

I can watch this movie many times over, like I have done with Hungama, Hulchul and other movies.

Rate this 8/10 for being what it was meant to be. Go watch it.

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