Friday, January 12, 2007

Post 217: The violence of everyday life

I was at a clinic today. Saw a couple, guy was parsi, wife was a maharashtrian. Both talking english-hindi, just like any other urban couple.....

They had a small child, about 3-4 years in their arms. Mom was actually nestling him against her bossom, and he was asleep.

In a few minutes the nurse called out to me, for my regular test, I entered the lab. Co-incidentally they called the couple and the child as well. I could see the child clearly, he must have been heavy. His urban mom was stretching her back post handing him over to his dad. The kid had his left hand all plastered up with bandages and iv needles, which meant he might have been just out of a hospital.

As he came in, the nurse told his parents, he needs to do a blood + bone marrow test. The kid was actually very sleepy - but call it the human instinct - he knew about the pain coming his way, he started sobbing. (BTW, for those who dont know - bone marrow test is pretty painful. The stab of pain it delivers can be quite a handful even for giants like me).

The nurses forced the parents out of the room. They knew parents being there would weaken the kid.....

I was almost done, so got out as well....

Outside the mom and the dad, both looked so ......almost stoic - but appeared to be breaking internally. The kid's wails were distinctly audible outside......As the dad consoled the mom, she said, "Mujhe aur aapko dard nahin ho rahan, par woh akele hain andar" (You and me dont have to go through this torture, he is going though this alone).

For one, I felt melancholic - its never easy watching innocence getting assualted? On the other hand, I could not help wondering - how much violence have we interspersed through our daily lives - and we think its normal and usual....but it is not.....the human eco-system was never designed to be this violent....all this is definitely seeping into us through the interconnected world we live in.

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