Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Post 122 : The rise (and fall...and rise) of the Davids

Life is full of patterns, and one of them which stares at your face, wherever you look, is about how a giant grows too big – just too much to handle its own weight, goes through a process of collapsing, by when one of the David’s has already stolen the march…..this David jogs ahead till he becomes a Goliath in his own right, and then……the cycle repeats.

AMD vs. Intel (where AMD is the David and Intel is the Goliath), Microsft Xbox(David) vs. Sony, Lehman Brothers (David) vs. Mother Merry (Merryl Lynch), HSBC (David) vs. Citigroup, Toyota (David) vs. GM…..

Maybe there is a learning for all of us, somewhere out there, we can never be at our peaks for long enough. Someday, the fire will being its journey to get extinguished…..Should we be living as if the fire will always be burning…..or should we be burning the fuel more slowly so that the fire lasts longer.

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