Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Post 104 : The God That Failed

A friend of mine had to cancel her visit to a temple on account of ....guess what.....'chums' (do they use the same shortcode for periods elsewhere?).....

This temple was not something close by, but was far away in another city, required quite a bit of planning, and guess what, a bit of blood was all it required to be blown away.

This is slightly different from Sabarimala, where the God is a confirmed bachelor, and needs to stay away from women to avoid temptation....http://iamitabh.blogspot.com/2006/07/post-no-42-swami-sharnamdefiled-by.html

This temple and this God, forbid 'chumming' (sounds so hammy) women from visiting, because a chummy is considered to be 'dirty' (and no 'dirty' is not a dirty word in India)....'unclean'....and in an impure state.

My friend in all her infinite faith and intelligence respects these, and I hope I am not inadvertently hurting her. Yet, I can't help but question the merit of such hare-brained customs.

Why should we be encouraged to hate our own bodily excretions? (both religiously and otherwise)....why is it necessary for us to bathe before bowing to the Lord.

Maybe, being an atheist (or variously a materialist), I am too myopic to see the point. Maybe, just like in the corporate world where certain rules don't make sense but are yet followed, religion is similar? Maybe, I just can't accept a power that is so frigging irrational? Maybe, its just that I am an earthbound misfit, I.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I dont think god made that rule it must be some smart ass pundit who never liked women in 'those' days :))
...God made man.. Man made Religion..