Saturday, June 10, 2006

Post No. 28 - Insight 2 : Karan Thapar (Indian English vs. British English)

Karan Thapar is a journalist in this part of the world, who does a show on television, very akin to Tim Sebastian's Hard Talk. I must admit, he does the job with aplomb, especially when he is talking to politicos (you must remember that the politicos in my land are the scum of the earth, you cannot get any worse).

He writes oft in The Hindustan Times. In one of the recent articles he brought out a very sly observation, on how the Indian version of English (in everyday use) is peppered with literal phrases, whereas the British are so much more refined and use the language in a more rich way, garnishing it, using it in a more subtle metaphorical almost giving it a lyrical tone.

I have a few colleagues who are Brits. When I did notice carefully, what Karan says is bang on. Our language is so much more cruder, so much direct, versus a sopho Brit, who shall wax lyrical.

To further sell his point, he also rightly stated that we use Hindi (our national language) exactly how the Brits use English....metaphorically...full of subtle hints.

Think of it....

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