Saturday, June 03, 2006

Post No. 22 - The higher cause...understanding the microcosm

Was reading a very interesting interview by Arundhati Roy in Tehelka. The interview revolved around how or why did she get into activism, and is she using it as a prop to further a more insidious (probably) policitical goal.
She started off by describing her own journey as a writer, how she started writing well as a novelist, tasted sucess with GOST. Her supposed awakening happened upon brushing with NBA and the reason she felt she must take up the cause was manifold:
1. The cause was justified (I think this is obvious, no one wants to fight for a cause which is arbit).
2. By understanding the nuances of NBA she felt she could understand the whole terms of power, money, what drives human beings.....and in toto "the microcosm"....

The more I think of it, I think the second point is a great insight. I believe all of us in our own little pursuit want to understand the world around (either in a scientific way, or an operational way, or a spiritual way), but all the time, at every instant, we want to know the secret code, the so called DNA which runs Gaia (Mother earth).

Do you agree?

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