Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Post No. 8 - Quota, Mandal and bundle of apathy

It bothers me, that my generation is a generation that is immune, its lifeless. On an artistic plane, it cannot fathom the difference between Beethoven and Crazy Frog.....its not as if they are focussing on beauty, its just that they are oblivious to it. On a more dangerous plane, they can exhibit apathy to everything around them.....our news channels have not helped in resolving this problem.....with rape and mayhem all around you, its but a natural survival instinct that a person switches off, often at the risk of drowning the relevant with the noise.

On this quota issue, Mr. Arjun Singh (we shall call him crack-jack bunny or something like that in the rest of the article), has proposed a 50% reservation for scheduled tribes in professional colleges like engineering and medicine.

Do I like it? My answer to that, I wonder why do we (the real bread earners of the nation) pay taxes at live out this grief, doled out by a bunch of crack-jack bunnies.....who really would not know how to operate a shit bowl, if left to their own devices.....are we not feeding our own parasites.....we are a strange nation, I must admit.

The positive spin to this is, I am mighty impressed with how some of the youth have taken the fight to the bunny army.....out on the street.....non-violent, yet man to man.....I am loving it.

Every single student, youth out there is a hero....unsung heroes, fighters who have listened to a call of their emotional response.

Did I do anything at all? Nah....just sat in my living room, preached and did shit-shat....the usual. Did any of the people do anything? Nah....shit-shat again....

What will it take to get some of us out of us out of this apathy.......invasive rape....will it be any worse than quotas......death by sleath.....possibly it will be too late after death.

Wonder, when will our emotional responses come out....or will we just be too busy minting monies, kissing through glasses of wine, sleeping around........

Lastly, spare a thought for Rajiv Goswami, the original Martyr, who died in 2004.

Cut and paste from The Hindu....25th Feb 2004

NEW DELHI, FEB. 24. The former Delhi University Students' Union (DUSU) president, Rajiv Goswami, who set himself ablaze during the anti-Mandal agitation in 1990, died in a city hospital here today.
Mr. Goswami had attempted self-immolation in the Deshbandhu College in South Delhi when the anti-Mandal agitation was at its peak, sparking off a series of self-immolations by students. Subsequently, he was inducted into students' politics and became the DUSU president, contesting on a National Students' Union of India ticket. Mr. Goswami later gave up active politics due to health problems and established his own business. He was always in and out of hospitals following severe health problems

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