Monday, May 01, 2006

Post No. 5 - Heroes 2 We could be heroes for just one day....

Sharmila Irom, is a lady from Manipur who has been on fast for over 5 years now. She has been force fed 4-5 times a day for all this duration (incidentally she has always been under arrest, because the police feel she is trying to commit suicide....our judiciary is not only ridiculous, it borders on the ludicrous as well).

As I often say, it amazes me that 1 single human life (will) can stand so effacingly over others a la Gandhi. I am not sure whether I understand clearly what drives Miss Irom, but it makes me glad that there are still people who can listen to their emotive responses and tranpose them into full fledged revolutions.

Miss Irom, I don't care if the world thinks lesser or more of you, for me, you are an inspiration to live, to emote and to react.

The following intro I have cut pasted from

Irom Sharmila is a symbol of a lay person fatigued with the atrocities committed. She has neither political affiliations, nor a strong background of an activist. She was seen in public for the first time during the people's enquiry headed by Justice (Rtd.) Suresh.
Then an incident took place. A place called Malom near the Imphal airport witnessed cold-blooded killings of innocent people by the Assam Rifles. They shot at point blank range eight people sitting at the bus stop in the usual garb of encounter with the insurgents.
This sadistic action was taken 'lawfully' under the draconian law of Armed Forces Special Powers Act. The moment this news spread, Irom Sharmila, a very common girl of Manipur felt deep hurt inside her. She instantly declared fast unto death till this law is abolished. After some days she was taken to Hospital. There she refused to co-operate and was sent to Sajiwa Jail as she refused bail after being arrested on the charge of attempted suicide. Thereafter she is being commuted to and fro Jail to Hospital. Since last 4/5 months she was compelled to undergo nose feeding.
Her condition is deteriorating everyday with her vital organs being slowly affected. Recently it was reported in newspapers that on hearing some rude remarks passed by some nurses she has refused even the nose feeding and has started sleeping on the floor along with the patients who are suffering from severe viral infections which are highly infectious so much so that other patients of the same ward have been evacuated. Nobody is allowed to meet her. What Irom Sharmila is demanding is neither an assertion of Meitei rights nor the Naga rights. She is demanding what the people in Manipur, as humans should have got long, long time ago.
She is the only one at the moment who I think is a pure activist of "human rights".

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